How To Make Simple Burlap Flowers

Slight intro: these crafts are made by Melody, who will be coming up with inventive ideas on different projects that can be done using our burlap fabric. If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see made, post on our Facebook wall and we’ll be glad to mention the idea to her! We hope to be rolling out some video look-ins on these DIY tutorials too!

9 Simple Steps to Making Burlap Flowers:

burlap flowers

This is the finished product

These are easy to make, and require no hot gluing or sewing, so even young kids could make them. It took me about 15 minutes to make each one.

Here is a look at the finished craft from a couple of different angles:

Step 1: Gather your supplies. To make this flower, you will need:

- Burlap
- Plain Fabric of whatever color you want
- Flower patterned fabric
- A bead
- 18 gauge wire
- Scissors
- Wire cutters
- Something to mark fabric with

how to make burlap flowers - step 1

2. Cut out a flower from your flower fabric to be your center.

how to make burlap flowers - step 2

3. Trace flower shapes onto your plain fabric and burlap about ¼ inch larger than the center flower.

how to make burlap flowers - step 3

4. Cut out flower shapes, 5 out of burlap and 5 out of the plain fabric.

how to make burlap flowers step 4

5. Cut a length of wire twice as long as you want the stem to be.

Step 5 – Cutting a Length of Wire

6. Attach the bead by putting in the center of the wire, folding the wire over it, and giving the wire one tight twist below the bead.

Step 6 – Attaching the Bead

7. String on the flower pieces, beginning with your flower pattern piece, then burlap, then plain fabric. From there, continue alternating the burlap and cotton fabric until they’re all on.

how to make burlap flowers step 7

Step #7

8. Pull all the flower pieces as tightly as possible to the bead and then twist the wire.

how to make burlap flowers step 8

Step number eight – just one more and we are done

9. Continue twisting the two wires together along the length of the stem. The best way to do this is to keep the wires spread apart as you twist them together.

how to make burlap flowers step 9

Final step!

And then you’re done! I chose an empty can to display them in for an extra touch of rustic-ness.

burlap flowers

This is the finished product

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