Washing Burlap

Washing BurlapA lot of people who use burlap will usually run into the common problem that the burlap becomes smelly. Our advice, to make this clear is not too wash the burlap. Washing your burlap may cause it to become ruined, as it is a woven together from jute and may become unraveled. There are other alternatives you can use.

First and foremost, the best thing you can do to take care of the smell is to lay out the roll in front of the sun and let it air out. You can also try washing it by hand.

Tip: If you have bough one of our bigger burlap rolls, try cutting off a piece from the roll and experimenting with it.

Remember that burlap is an organic, biodegradable fabric that can be harmed if you try to apply non-organic products to it. It is always recommended that you test out what you intend on doing first before you do it.

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