No Sew Burlap Projects

There is a growing trend today in using burlap for crafts, and countless different projects out there to do, but many of them require sewing. Not everybody is good at sewing, so here are a couple of no sew projects that you can try so that you don’t miss out on crafting with burlap.

Curtains: Using stitch witchery, you can create the necessary hems with your iron, keeping the edges from fraying. If you want a frayed or tasseled bottom, you can do that, or use the stitch witchery to hem the bottom as well. Once you have all of your edges how you want them, simply use curtain rings with clips to clip your burlap curtains up where you want them.

Vase decorations: To beautifully adorn a simple vase with burlap, cut your strips to the desired width and fix the edges how you want them. You can paint these using stencils and fabric paints, and add lace or ribbon with hot glue. Once you have them how you want them, simply use hot glue to attach them to the vase.

Flowers: Flowers can be made easily with layers of burlap and other materials. You can cut different sizes of a flower shape or a circle, and then lay them on top of each other with the biggest shapes on the bottom. Buttons, beads, or pearls work well for the center of the flower. You can sew on a button to hold the all together, or you can use your hot glue gun to attach each layer and the centers.

Ruffled tree skirt: For something more complicated and absolutely beautiful, you can turn your old Christmas tree skirt into a ruffled tree skirt using burlap. For this project, cut the burlap and another fabric of your choice into long strips of equal lengths. You will then use a hot glue gun to glue the burlap and other fabric in layers, folding them over so that they lay in ruffles. Make sure with this that you start on the outside and then work your way in. You can also use jute rope for ties on the open ends to finish off this great winter project.

Corkboard cover: To spice up an old corkboard, you can add burlap to it. With this, you can use a staple gun or hot glue to secure the burlap to the back of the board. If the board has a wooden frame, you can leave it off entirely, or fit it back in place over the burlap, keeping in mind that it might not fit exactly like it did before.

Earring holder: To make a simple earring holder out of burlap, all you need is an embroidery hoop. Press the burlap into the hoop, trim the excess, and you’re done! From there, you can add lace or ribbons with hot glue, or paint it to match the room.

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