Mini Burlap Tablecloth

How to make a burlap tableclothHow to Make a Simple Burlap Tablecloth:

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This is a simple burlap table runner that I made for my coffee table, but it could be made to any size for any table. For the borders, I used a simple white netting material which gave it a real elegant touch. I chose yellow for the stitching because I felt it went really well with the natural tones of the fabric. To do this project, you will need burlap, white netting material, yarn or cross stitching thread, scissors, a cross stitch needle, and a hot glue gun. This project took me about an hour, the majority of it being the hand-sewing.

Step 1: Cut the burlap to the size you want, and then the white netting to one inch larger than the burlap. If you want to make a cleaner edge with the netting, you can make it 2 inches larger.

diy burlap tablecloth

Step 1: Cutting

Step 2: Glue the corners in place. First, place a dab of glue on the corner of the netting and fold it over, keeping the sides straight. Then, fold the edges so they meet in the middle and secure them with glue. If you are using a larger piece of netting to make a hem, cut out a 1 inch by 1 inch corner before gluing.

diy burlap tablecloth

Step 2: Gluing the corners into place

Step 3: Thread your needle. If you are doing the cleaner hem, you may want to fold the netting under and iron it down before you begin sewing.

diy burlap tablecloth

Step 3: threading your needle

Step 4: Sew along all the edges with big, even stitches. You can do whatever type of stitch you want, but bigger stitches tend to look better. Simple square knots can be tied in the end of the thread to secure it, and it can be tied into the stitches on the back to hide it. To best keep the netting laying flat, put the stitches about 1/4 inch from the burlap.

diy burlap tablecloth

Step 4: Sewing the edges

And you’re done! You could add extra embroidered stitches or designs if you wanted, or even paint designs on it, but it’s all up to you. I chose to keep mine simple yet elegant, a perfect complement to my flowers.

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