BurlapFabric Giveaway

BurlapFabric.com has teamed up with Suzy Myers at suzyssitcom.com for an exciting burlap giveaway!

Check out Suzy’s super-cute burlap angel craft, and while you are at it, what she is offering: on the table are a set of 3″ x 5″ bags (12 bags in each set) and some burlap ribbon to give away to two different winners!

Hop on over to her lovely site and get lucky!

Good luck y’all!

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Elegant Burlap Bows

New to BurlapFabric.com – a simple yet elegant selection of pre-tied burlap bows! They are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any party or event, or simply on your door or mantel!

Comes in 3 great colors!

bownatural bowred bowwhite


To view, click here now!

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History of Jute and Burlap

I found this fascinating article on the history and background of jute and burlap. Well, at least I found it fascinating. I should think any lover of jute and burlap would as well. The article, quite a lengthy read, discusses the history of the jute industry, the cultivation of jute, marketing of the the raw jute, the manufacturing of jute products, physical properties of burlap, and uses of burlap in real life, among other things.

Click HERE to read in full.

I must say I was quite delighted by this find. It’s lovely to read up on a fabric I use so much in my own crafting. I hope you enjoy this as well! And share it with friends!

And, of course, I think this article inspires people to continue crafting with burlap. So take another visit to our jute and burlap website, http://burlapfabric.com and start a beautiful, eco-friendly burlap craft!

(Note: there is no relationship, business or otherwise, between their website and BurlapFabric.com. I merely enjoyed the read and wish to share it with others)


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Sparkle Lace Ribbon!

Absolutely stunning selection of colorful sparkle lace ribbon now on sale! You really want this in your home! 6″ x 10 yards, these dazzling lace ribbons will light up your home. While they are perfect for a wide variety of applications, they are particularly wonderful as table runners.

sparklelaceblack sparklelacechoc sparklelacefuchsia sparklelacegreen sparklelaceivory sparklelacelightblue sparklelaceolive sparklelacepink sparklelacepurple sparklelacered sparklelacesilver sparklelacewhite sparlelaceiceblue


On sale now! Click to view and purchase!

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New! Chevron Burlap Ribbon!

Happy news, burlap lovers! BurlapFabric has just introduced a stunning line of Chevron Burlap Ribbon, in 2 great sizes and 7 great colors!

Comes in 2.5″ and 4″, and in black, brown, gray, orange, lime, pink, and red!

chevronribbonblack chevronribbonblack4 chevronribbonbrown4 chevronribbondarkgray4 chevronribbonlime4 chevronribbonorange chevronribbonred chevronribbonred4


On sale now! Check them out right here!

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Don’t Miss Out!

BurlapFabric has done it again! Are you making a rustic wedding? Crafting with burlap? Engaging in a little home decor? Or perhaps you just need some burlap for your garden?

If the answer to any of the above, then it’s your lucky day! BurlapFabric is now offering a $50 gift certificate to BurlapFabric.com! Entry to the giveaway contest is both free and easy. Instructions and entry are to be found at: http://storyboardwedding.com/the-beauty-of-burlap-a-50-giveaway-from-burlapfarbic-com/.

Burlap Fabric $50 Giveaway - Main

We want you to enjoy the burlap experience. We know that with our burlap, you most assuredly will! If you are interested in making a rustic wedding, we have a special section focusing on all wedding-related burlap items, to make your wedding shopping that much simpler! Check it out here.

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Exciting New Burlap Boutonniere!

A lovely new product has just arrived – beautiful handcrafted Burlap Boutonniere! Lovingly crafted with a simple yet elegant burlap rose in the middle. Vintage style lace and natural burlap adorn the back of the burlap flower, and the stem is dressed in jute twine for that perfect rustic flavor.

Perfect for your wedding or as a decorative piece.


Available now: click here to view and purchase.

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Burlap Jewelry Boxes

Exciting new Burlap Jewelry Boxes just arrived! For burlap lovers, this is the perfect place to store your jewelry.

For friends of burlap lovers, this is an ideal gift choice. Elegant, classy, and eminently rustic, it will draw raves from everyone!

jeweleryoval jewelerysquare


Check it out now here!

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Burlap Flower Girl Baskets!

We are excited to announce a new line of Burlap Flower Girl Baskets!

Your flower girl will play an important role in your special day. In a rustic wedding, what would be more lovely for the flower girl to be carrying a rustic, burlap flower girl basket? After all, it’s the attention to small details that will make your event just perfect.

flowergirl flowergirl3 flowergirl5 flowergirl6 flowergirl8burlapflowergirl2flowergirl9

Click HERE to view and purchase!

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BurlapFabric.com is proud to announce its FOURTH spring Giveaway! Enter to win a $40 Gift Certificate to BurlapFabric AND some lovely DIY Burlap BBQ Decorations!

Using our superb, high-quality burlap, Sherri from AboutFamilyCrafts.com has crafted a lovely Burlap BBQ Bunting and Centerpiece… and she’s giving it away! And BurlapFabric wants you to know that we want you to enjoy the burlap crafting experience for yourselves, so we are offering a $40 Gift Certificate valid for anything from our site!

Giveaway Giveaway2 Giveaway3



Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity!

Click here to enter now!

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